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Period poverty is the lack of menstrual health products in resource poor communities. Education, hygiene facilities, waste management all make up the the problems associated with menstrual health equity. GirlCode Global is looking to change this problem.


It is estimated that 500 million people worldwide, face these problems. Women and girls in people communities are often unable to purchase menstrual products  and in many cases, they trade sex for pads. 

Lack of menstrual hygiene resources causes physical, mental and emotional challenges. Period poverty is shrouded in stigma leaving girls ashamed of addressing their cycles to get the resources they need.  


How can we help end period poverty? GirlCode Global is committed to providing menstrual health resources to girls in venerable populations in developing countries. However, our advocacy needs your support to reach more girls around the globe.  


We need to spread the word about menstrual health equity by sharing knowledge between organizations such as ours, in communities, and in schools. The conversation needs to start immediately so that no girl will have to sell sex for pads. 

Private sector advocacy is instrumental to providing access to facilities and period products to women and girls in vulnerable communities. NGOs, and charitable programs can help us fundraise to provide resources to women and girls. 

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