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we are a team of committed humanitarians


Since 2015, Global Water has helped reach villages in Haiti and Nepal with clean water filtration. We’ve built collaborative and trusting relationships with the local governments and the United Nations, creating a supportive network that expands our reach.


Water is Life and our promise is to uphold that.

Many countries are facing unimaginable hardships, including war, famine, water droughts, disease, and aching poverty. Every day, thousands struggle to provide their villages and families with the most basic human needs.




At Global Water Promise, water is a basic human right. Our promise is to ensure that safe water is made accessible and affordable to all.

Making an Impact

Our work has the power to change lives!

With your help, we have been able to help people in Ghana, Nepal and Haiti.

Our projects include water filtration, water wells and water management.


We invite you to see how your support impact the many lives in these countries as well offer a chance to inspire others with ending global water poverty.


Global Water Promise has provided water filtration to communities in Haiti. Our efforts to improve water, sanitation and hygiene have expanded to countries like Ghana. We want to provide as many people with piped water sources as possible.

As the quality of sanitation coverage is an emerging area of concern, waterborne diseasess are widespread, which fuels rapid transmission of gastrointestinal pathogens that can have disastrous impact on health and nutrition.


Our projects are geared to tackle these crises. Water is a part of everyday life, therefore access to sanitation can change water problems into water success!

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