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Supporters and Partnerships

At Global Water Promise we know that we wouldn't be able to do what we do without the help of  our supporter. These corporations, foundations, and individuals makeour work possible through their commitment and support to our cause.

Partnerships are a way for consumer brands to help solve the global water crisis.

Ways to Give

Partnerships with the corporate sector are an essential part of Global Water Promise's work and make an important contribution to helping us solve the water and sanitation crisis in the world's poorest communities. Building better lives with clean water partners.

Fundraising Events and Crowdfuding Campaigns

Hosting your own company events, races, contests, feasts, and/or creative online campaigns is a wonderful way to show the company’s commitment to the global water crisis, while building awareness among clients, customers, and your extended network. Share your results with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We’ve seen corporate partners host some incredible events—and the pride, team effort, and collective wins for the cause are exciting reasons for every company (and its clients and customers) to celebrate.  Global Water Promise partnered with, raised money and changed the lives of 22 people.

Employment Engagement

Global Water has a Workplace Giving program available to companies interested in enhancing their employee engagement. The program includes opportunities for:


Payroll Giving

Employees to opt in to donate a portion of each paycheck to go to Global Water; for many, this option aligns well with the aspirations of the employees, as well as the sustainability practices of the company. Furthermore, when the company commits to matching funds raised by staff, there is an element of solidarity that comes from supporting a cause, together.


Workplace Giving Events

Host events for colleagues and clients, as a way to educate peers about the global water crisis and Global Water Promise's work. This is a great way for employees to break out of their day-to-day roles by enhancing the sense of community and playing a part in social change—plus, friendly competitions to raise funds are always a big hit.


Community Outreach

Participate in community races, committee events, and fundraising campaigns to raise funds for Global Water . Similar to the private events, these public-facing options allow the company and the employees to amplify their advocacy efforts and get their community involved in putting an end to water and sanitation poverty, worldwide.

Thanks for your interest in supporting Global Water Promise's work—we look forward to discussing potential opportunities with you. Questions? Email us at

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