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The fight against water pollution in Ghana

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Ghana is facing very poor water sanitation programs. In Ghana, the major causes of water pollution are illegal mining activities popularly known as "galamsey", dumping of refuse in the water bodies and the use of unauthorized chemicals in fishing. There are no regulations to prohibit the practices of galamsey. Though 'galamsey' affects many facets of life, one area in which its impact is being felt in polluted rivers ... but many people who cannot afford piped water, drink, cook, bath and perform all tasks with the polluted water despite how polluted the water is.

As the International Water Day approaches, our goal is to help in the fight against water pollution by setting and enforcing rules without fear or favor against some illegal acts such as "galamsey", indiscriminate disposal of waste in water bodies and the use of harmful chemicals in fishing.

The theme for this year's International Water Day is "Leaving no one behind"; Water is a human right and everyone should have a access to it.


Bringing water,sanitation and hygiene to the most vulnerable populations.

Joshua Apalbilah is Global Water Promise's Social Media and Content Blogger.

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